How to Buy a Cashmere Sweater

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Untuk tampil casual, simple, tapi tetep elegan gak susah kok. Cukup mengerti bagaimana bentuk tubuh lalu menyesuaikan dengan trend fashion yang ada yang sifa…

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14 Responses to “How to Buy a Cashmere Sweater”

  1. Simple Line Online Boutique says:


  2. Henny Panjaitan says:


  3. Versatile Faerie says:

    How to look wierd in a store: Rub clothes on your body :P Seriously though
    this is nice to know :)

  4. xxboxermanxx says:

    Step 1: Get money Step 2: Find the store that sells them Step 3: Buy it
    Step 4: Wonder why this channel has stupid vids like this being posted

  5. Edward Vasquez says:

    next video request: how to poop -_-

  6. Elizabeth Brown says:

    Ugly Sweater

  7. Adriana Willoughby says:

    hi :D

  8. trippycat123 says:


  9. magnusbon says:

    @9906268330 good now try to get 1st on a machimia video

  10. ausipockets says:

    step 1 get money step 2 buy the sweater u like

  11. tenpinbowl12 says:

    next week. How to buy a sexdoll with no shame. /:

  12. another505 says:

    0:12 man whore!!

  13. ShadowDeathBl1tz says:

    Whats wrong with a regular sweaters?

  14. Manni5h says:

    These tips are actually really good to anyone whose knowledge of cashmere
    is limited. You know, just because it’s cashmere doesn’t mean it’s a
    sweater of god. There is bad and good quality cashmere.