How to crochet women’s cardigan – video tutorial with detailed instructions.

Crocheting a cardigan using simple, stylish, and unique patterns. For more details and written step-by-step instructions visit:…
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20 Responses to “How to crochet women’s cardigan – video tutorial with detailed instructions.”

  1. Miranda Norris says:
  2. Miranda Norris says:
  3. gabriela juarez castelan says:

    Es muy bonito !!!
    Me podrías decir cuantos puntos necesito montar para una talla mediana?
    Gracias .

  4. Jayshri Nambiar says:

    You had mentioned 108 foundation stitch . Is the stitch same for any size a
    person is

  5. ignatieva7363 says:

    Присоединяюсь к пожеланию сделать видео на русском:-)

  6. Martha Dorado says:

    Muchas gracias por compartir sus enseñanzas acerca del tejido en crochet,
    deseo saber cuántos puntos se necesitan para empezar el saco y cuántos
    gramos de lana debo de comprar para realizar la labor, un saludo muy
    especial desde Colombia.

  7. Jenn Baker says:

    How many foundation chains for an xl size?

  8. Pinks Brown says:

    The sweater is absolutely beautiful. Can you suggest numbers for a medium
    or large size. 4_6 is just too small for s full size girl

  9. Pinks Brown says:

    Hello Again. I’ve measured and the widest part of my chest is 40 inches.
    Please and thanks for you creativy and your assistance

  10. Pavlos Miltiadou says:

    Beautiful …

  11. Pinks Brown says:

    On my..Im too excited. Thank You. Thank you thank you. Typically I crochet
    firmly. Not tight but snuggly. So I may use a larger needle. The world
    needs more prople like you. Happy crocheting to you

  12. Mumu tun says:

    very pretty!!! does anyone turn on the subtitle? it is so funny, u will get

  13. Jenn Baker says:

    130 chains it just what I guessed too! It’s coming together nicely and I’m
    adding my own touches to it :)

  14. DivaJacobs313 says:

    wow… love it .. thank you for sharing..

  15. Linda Augustsson says:


  16. prameela rajan says:

    Hi, I loved the cardigan and started off till the first hand now i am
    confused as to where to start after that, could you please help. I am
    totally confused…………

  17. InterUnet says:

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  18. Verlinda Rankin says:

    Wow !!! Just found you on YouTube. Beautiful work !!! Oh yeah, I subscribed

  19. Maria Vazquez says:

    Hi , your work is beatiful I started a dress for my baby using your
    What kind of yarn are you using ???

  20. InterUnet says:

    Hi Maria Vazquez,
    Thank you for the comment. The link to the written instruction you may find
    in the description below the video.