National Sweater Day: Granny Call Centre

National Sweater Day: Granny Call Centre

February 9th is WWF’s National Sweater Day. Turn down your heat and wear a sweater to show you’re taking action on climate change. Get your personal Granny c…
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19 Responses to “National Sweater Day: Granny Call Centre”

  1. Cory Laing says:


  2. millsie83 says:

    Live Grannies standing by! Nice.

  3. TheHooeyFamily says:

    Sounds like a good reason to call your Gramma!!

  4. kathleenh188 says:

    So funny!

  5. Rosalyn Wright says:

    SHOOT! I missed it….:(

  6. GoldenRider1 says:

    Why does this concern the World Wrestling Federation?

  7. Kyle Lamb says:

    hah. “They’re celebrating.. Lower the Heat Day…” 1:11

  8. Puppyliciouscute says:

    I’m NOT hanging up until u put the sweater on! ROFLMAO

  9. bushylouise says:

    What a fabulous, fun idea – go grannies!

  10. Brenda Miller says:

    Yeah, Grannies, you go girls!

  11. KecoTheClown says:

    I’m so going to do this Thank you Grandma :)

  12. keniakittykat says:

    it actually was ‘sweater day’ at my school last week… (In Belgium, not
    Canada) And yes, almost everyone (except for the fashion-obsessed 13 year
    olds) wore their share of old-fashioned sweaters xD The school never looked
    more colorful!

  13. TheSexySockk says:

    1 person dosnt love their grandma.

  14. kylempringham says:


  15. Peter Cameron-Inglis says:


  16. Vanessa Bovee says:

    Are you wearing a sweater today?

  17. Society says:

    Fun idea from #Canada: National Sweater Day: Granny Call Centre

  18. Giacomo Gnecchi Ruscone says:

    Tomorrow is National Sweater Day in Canada :)