Why Wear A Men’s Sweater Vest – Tips On Why Men Should Wear Sweater Vests

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16 Responses to “Why Wear A Men’s Sweater Vest – Tips On Why Men Should Wear Sweater Vests”

  1. Nathan Franz says:


  2. whodatboi04 says:

    would this look be acceptable to a job interview for a customer service job
    interview in a call center? I’m in my late 20’s and not really into suit
    especially in this southern climate . cou

  3. Real Men Real Style says:

    @hellerZauberer Appreciate the suggestion!

  4. asdfkie says:

    Actually it really depends, when you’re wearing a black jacket like that it
    would be better to have a different lighting where you can see the outlines
    of the jacket.

  5. HazardousSmoker says:

    Sir I think I like the black background better than the white. Otherwise
    another great video.

  6. Ricky V says:

    the flaps above your lapel seem uneven. are they supposed to be like that?

  7. fishingpro64 says:

    Hello Antonio, I was wondering what your opinions are on what age a male
    should start to change from t shirts and shorts and running shoes to more
    classy, formal attire?

  8. Zachary Ferro says:

    Please check out our SweaterVest video and see how much we like
    sweatervests too!

  9. Real Men Real Style says:

    @iknowadirtyword4ever Thanks!

  10. Real Men Real Style says:

    @jackeddemon Working lapels — they can be buttoned shut with that little
    flap in bad weather.

  11. Real Men Real Style says:

    @HazardousSmoker Thanks — we’re always trying to improve the visuals!

  12. Austin F says:

    They’re girl magnets!

  13. Nick R. says:

    Hi Antonio, can you wear a silver tie bar and cufflinks with a gold ring?

  14. iknowadirtyword4ever says:

    cool man

  15. Alejandro Rodriguez says:

    Antonio, can i use sweater sleeves with a suit dress in this cold
    season,Thank You

  16. apache_drifter says:

    makes me wonder how well a dark blue sweater vest would go with a black
    leather kriegsmarine coat